I was born in 1995 in Ankara. I have started my formal educational training at Ankara Private Tevfik Fikret Schools. I decided to prepare for special talent examination upon guidance of my painting teacher when I had completed the secondary school. After successfully passing this examination, I found a chance to practice in several fields of plastic arts. During this period, I participated in some group exhibitions and stage performances. At the same time, I have improved myself theoretically. I held my first exhibition at my old school (Tevfik Fikret College). In addition to that, I completed one month language training in Fordham University, USA. After having high school degree, I started to prepare myself for university level special talent examinations. I have successfully passed examinations of each school. Among two of them, I qualified with the highest grade. Eventually, I have preferred to study in the Graphic Design Department of Hacettepe University, Ankara. Upon my preference, I have enrolled in English preparatory class for one year. I held my second personal exhibition with illustrations which I drew on school desks. Within the same year, I was selected for an arts project, organised by Foreign Languages Vocational School. As the leader of the project, I managed the team composed of students coming all around the world, to draw the “Antwerp legend” with melted chocolate for our sponsor company called the “Chocolate Line”. This drawing is still exhibited in Belgium. In the first year in the department, I participated in the founding board of “Arts and Society Association” with the support of one of my teachers in the high school. The Association still organises arts events in Ankara. During the same period, I have discovered my interest in cinema and I made my first short movie. In time, it becomes my main focus of interest. Now, I have been working with some companies and producers for several advertisements and movies while my university education continues at the same time. The main reason that I directed my interest to cinema was not only visual arts but also literature, music, and other branches of arts which I adore. Along with arts, my other passion is travelling. Until now, I have been in USA, Cuba, Czech Republic, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece and Austria. I shared my arts, ideas and fields of interest with people I met while travelling. I believe that an artist should be free of all ideological patterns, in other words he/she should be universal and objective.

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